Make a Pledge to #voyage4earth

Every day at sea, the navigator on a canoe makes thousands of observations, a wave, a bird, a star; hundreds of choices about trim, course, steering; and two decisions, at dawn and dusk, to determine where the canoe is and where it is headed.

As navigators for planet Earth, the island we seek is a healthier planet for all who inhabit it. We can adopt the navigator mindset and ask ourselves: Where are we today? What do we want the planet to look like tomorrow, and the day after? What choices can we make each day to get there?

Those answers can guide our decisions as we #voyage4earth and navigate humanity to a better future! We encourage you to make a commitment to do something good for Earth!

  1. Download the #voyage4earth worksheet
  2. Color your worksheet and write in your pledge
  3. Take a photo with it
  4. Post it to social media with the hashtag #voyage4earth or upload it here

As the Polynesian Voyaging Society sails to communities around the Pacific throughout the Moananuiākea Voyage, we will be sharing everyone’s pledges.