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Chadd ‘Ōnohi Paishon

Chadd joined PVS in the apprentice navigator program in 1990, as PVS was preparing to voyage to Rarotonga 1992 to train a new generation of crew members and navigators. Chadd then joined the educational voyaging organization Na Kalai Wa’a where he assisted in the construction of the voyaging canoes Makali’i and Alingano Maisu, which was gifted to Pwo Master Navigator Mau Piailug. After many years of voyaging and learning navigation, Chadd was one of 5 PVS navigators inducted into Pwo, the degree of the Weriyeng School of Navigation of Micronesia, by Mau Piailug in 2007.

Chadd now serves as Captain of Makali’i on Hawai’i Island. While sailing in the Worldwide Voyage, Chadd looks to make connections and reconnections with people of different ports an passing on the knowledge passed onto us by our teachers.